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Andrew Christie. Traditional Fine Cabinet and Chairmakers

Andrew Christie Fine Furniture 

Creations by Andrew Christie. 

Of course my opinion is just mine, but as a fine traditional chairmaker of many many years, i believe the Gainsborough chair (image, Timeless Style) to be the ultimate basic shape for the purpose, and the sexiest thing made from trees i have still ever seen when its essence is captured in full by a master craftsman, Prolific in the mid 18th century, sadly almost completely lost, bar a few very lucky and passionate craftsmen who maybe like myself came upon an old chairmaker at the start of my journey with fine furniture who still remembered and shared all the secrets short cuts and most relevant tools of the 18th century chairmaker. The simplest of workshop with the most basic of a tool box, is all they needed then and remains the same today. But there is no crafts person with wood who match the skills of the ultimate wood worker. THE CHAIRMAKER. Once a fine traditional chairmakers skills have been understood and mastered there is no medium, wood, metal, fibreglass, stone, paint, etc, that will challenge a master chairmaker, the chairmaker will get it, and with the most basic of briefing on" heres how to " get it right with the ease of the specialist. I had no idea as a young fine cabinet maker the impact that old mans knowledge would have on my then future. I now realise how well he must have known exactly the effect of his teachings would make on me or anyones life. True to his reasons for teaching me, i have made sure his teachings wouldn't end with me. 

Cherish our crafts people who despite all financial challenges remain true to the ways of the old masters  who with just hand and eye, created our visual past that we owe so cherish. Machines can make sex but only humans are left wondering," how incredible the skills of some humans". Theres more reasons than i can mention here as to why i can say the  chairmaker was, is and will remain the only true route to becoming an ultimate all medium master crafts person. If you can re create the sexy fine 18th century cockpen carver chair, with the jointing required to assure the next 250 years of being leaned back on safely, then you are nearly there,

Including creation tips and tricks of the 18th century chairmaker, coming soon.