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Rare Antique Barometers

Country Homes Antiques Stirling Scotland est 1985

Antique Barometers

When it comes to collectable barometers, at Country Homes Antiques our team of experts specialise in only the highest standard of antique items. All of our products are of only the best quality and we aim to make sure our customers receive only the most exquisite antiques.

What types of antique barometers do you have in stock?

The popular types of barometers tend to be from the Victorian era, these particular items are of only the most exquisite quality and look just stunning. We also currently stock Admiral Fitzroy barometers, another renowned item known for its great look.

Our products in more detail…..

Our selection includes items from the Victorian period, which is often referred to as the style of decorative arts. During the Victorian era it was well known for being very ornamental, through influential elements from interpretation and eclectic historic styles with middle east and Asian effects. Which is reflected through our beautiful 18th century barometers.

We also have a range of Admiral Fitzroy barometers, named after the admiral himself who was a weather forecaster to Charles Darwin and captain of the ‘Beagle’. These designs include solid mahogany with a chart background, as well as mercury and red spirit thermometers, storm glass and brass pointers.

Why choose Country Homes Antiques?

At Country Homes Antiques, we are home to only the finest products and items. Our team have over 30 years’ experience in the area and will ensure your every requirement is met. Our specialists are very knowledgeable when it comes to a number of pieces and eras. So there’s no need to worry, you’re in the right hands with Country Homes Antiques.

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