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The Ethos and Services at Country Homes Antiques

 Our vast experience and passion for antiques is second to none and is your guarantee of authenticity and satisfaction with our Worldwide safe pack service. Our auction prices don't include a +20% buyers premium which is charged by auctioneers.

All items purchased are quality controlled prior to shipping. We also provide further images, should we feel any catalogue description, or imagery is not completely reflective of the reality of the piece in question. We want to first make sure you know exactly what you are purchasing, and that you receive exactly what you expected. In the condition as described and depicted.

Auctioneers need this mirror before its sold. We only take it once its sold.

Auction Houses verses ! 

 Our Services. 

Buying & Selling Fine Art with us. "The benefits"

In brief. Buyer, auction prices, no +20%bp.  Seller, only10% comm and seller keeps the painting until sold aswell. We do not need your painting to sell it, only once paid for we inspect, pickup, pack and dispatch it, on behalf of and acting as the buyers agents. Buyer pays, upon sale and our favorable inspection of item, vendor receives a cash payment in full. Upon removal by

For the buyers interest 

1/ Buyers safeguard As former Fine Arts Auctioneers we are used to selling on behalf of collectors and client estates, valuing for hammer, with 40yrs of understanding buyer requirements. We offer ease of trade, seamless WWW transactions.

2/ NO + 20% Buyers Premium in here !, that means a big saving should you find that special item within our galleries and multi purchase discounts. And if we dont have it, our many experienced pairs of eyes and ears can help to find it.

3/ Purchase payment plans. At Country Homes Antiques we offer 30-90 day purchase payment plans for those who are registered with us. Contact us for further details and all registered user benefits.

4/ Quality control Everything purchased is checked and passed by us as a sound purchase, "is as described" safe packed by us, and sent from us to you. At point of purchase from we become the buyers agents to check item, collect item, pay for item were necessary, safe pack and ship item from (shipping only is buyers expense)

For the sellers interest.

1/ Auction houses of repute now charge upwards of 20%-30% to sell on your behalf. ( plus a cataloguing fee of course! ) oh, and often a small handling charge aswell. Remove the item from you for sometimes several months, and not always with updated information. If you have more than 1 item, then they may be included in different sales, You will not receive your cheque until all sales have past by at least a month mostly 3 months.  Eventually if lucky, approx 6 months later, ("the sale day").  If lucky that day, payment takes another month at best, often longer, and assuming the item has been paid for to the auctioneers, which can take them another month to receive in some cases. Then 20/30% commission,+ handling etc, usually adding to 40% of hammer total with all the little tip bits auctions impose, not forgetting cataloguing! A hammer price £10,000 painting that has been away for between 3/7 months is now a cheque made out to you for around £6000-£6500. The buyer of your item happily paid £12,000 including the 20% buyers premium for your £10,000 on hammer item ! Had it been offered through open to same/similar audiences for (same fair hammer price £10,000) with no buyer premium, the buyer also saves 20%, a £2000 donation to the auctioneers. 

  CECIL ROCHFORT DOYLY JOHN. Oil on canvased board. £1200. Free Shipping.

2/ Fine Paintings, NO Sale NO Charges

We only take a 10% listing/collecting fee once SOLD only. We correctly list and offer your item without anybody touching it, feeling it or potentially damaging it. We don't need your physical item. Just sufficient images clients can depend on and purchase with confidence from, as former fine arts quarterly catalogue sale auctioneers in Scotland and USA ( Florida LLC ) based live audiences with online bidding, fine arts and antiques auctions, we have always been happy to provide any relevant info on any item within our online salerooms. further detailed images etc. 

3/ THE MATHS. Auctioneers, from between the seller and the buyer now take 40/50% from the sales in total ! Latterly, as dealers and shops have declined the auction houses have taken great advantage of this situation. When we where auctioneers it was 10% buyers 10%/15% sellers. Now its double that and more. Our way may well serve you better, and costs nothing to try, do the maths.

4/ The LOGIC As Country Homes Antiques Scotland does not require the actual item, that firstly allows the vendor to hold the item until actual point of sale and payment in full made, - with just 10% commission to, your cheque for the same item would be £9000. returning at least £2500 more than from an auction house. Furthermore, it may even sell the next day listed with us, this is not so unusual. With todays ability of www reach, we feel we can truly offer a better deal than any auction house now, to the seller and the buyer. Do the maths and its very clear. 

 Further note -  In conjunction with our selected online partners, our fine paintings are viewed by 100s of prospecting Worldwide relevant dealers and collectors every week.

Valuations. If you have Fine Art, or a antique item you would like to sell through  valued by Andrew Christie, please feel free to send us images and any information you have on the item including sizes, we get back to you with any further requirements for accurate assessment their after, should we need to follow up. Ever agents for sellers and buyers alike. Nothing has changed here.

Entry form with terms & conditions will be sent by return upon us receiving your images, we only use images we deem suitable for display at All items must meet with our approval regardless before listing. We are here to help you achieve success. 

Finally - reserves the right to refuse any item for listing and if deemed necessary without giving reason.

Valuations for insurance or probate, absolute discretion

Proof of ownership maybe be required. Collectors pay more for Fine Art with provenience.