Charity Auction for MacMillan nurses for cancer.

Andrew Christie Charity Auction

BenView Garden Centre

We are very pleased to say it was a great success. 90 lots fetched a very charitable amount of £1561.50 for MacMillan Nurses cancer charity.

I personally would like to thank everyone who so generously donated the lots to this cause. I would also like to thank all who attended the auction today. We hope you all enjoyed the occasion as much as my personal staff, the garden centre staff and I did. All of whom worked very hard to help make it the success it was for all.

This auction

Put together in just 3 weeks, when Graham (garden centre owner), asked me for any ideas for his 10 year business anniversary weekend. With the recent memory of Mum before she passed away, on giving my old gavel back to me, along with the words,” I would be needing this again” running through my mind. And the fact of my recent personal experience of MacMillan Nurses for cancer. I found myself saying how about a charity auction.

So turns out Mother was right, again!, and with this poignancy, I could not have found a better reason than a charity auction for MacMillan Nurses to dust off the gavel just as Mum predicted would happen. Although after 15 years of gathering dust I had no idea what she was talking about, as I am an antique dealer now

For this group of nurses who I got to know very well in the last days of Mrs Pearl Christie, the founder of Country Homes Antiques, the business I now run.

I have a saying I live by,” there’s a time and a place, don’t miss it”. This was the time the place and my chance to say a personal thank you to MacMillan Nurses for their help. And speaking for my mother, I am certain through me, and my old gavel, this was her way to say thank you to the MacMillan Nurses too, for their help in her passing.

Auction raised £1,561.50 for MacMillan Nurses for cancer

AND Yes I would be very happy to hold further auctions for any such worthy cause as MacMillan Nurses for cancer. 

To end;  I would further say, with no experience of how to hold an auction, as gardeners. Graham and staff with very brief training made awesome auctioneers staff. Alyson Kevin and I found it a real pleasure to work beside such committed, sound, efficient and friendly people like Graham and his Benview Garden Centre staff.

Well done Graham