William 1V Furniture (1830-1837) Relevance ?

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William 1V Furniture (1830-1837) Relevance?

William IV furniture
William IV furniture

William 1V period furniture is very distinctly styled, made of the last of the very best of the World’s figured mahogany’s, since the mid 19th century the quality of timber has declined to the point of near present-day extinction of the fine 200/300 hundred-year-old mahogany trees these timbers originally came from.

Mahogany furniture.

No longer commercially made anywhere in the World, apart from Indonesia, unfortunately the Indonesian mahogany is not prepared correctly, it splits and shrinks as it seasons rendering the consequent furniture made from these timbers as very poor substitutes for the real thing, a very sad waste of the last of the World’s mahogany, in an attempt to copy our diminishing original Georgian / Victorian furniture, a truly tragic story in fact. I was also shocked to see drawer liners and bookcase backs also made from the same fine mahogany as the fronts show woods. Something no true craftsperson and lover of fine woods would ever do (Sacrilege).

This Indonesian furniture was not made by hand nor with any passion, Furniture fashioned before timbers correctly seasoned means all Indonesian reproduction furniture will end up warped and split and in bins within one decade. As if present-day Indonesian’s could overnight immolate the finest English furniture of the 18th-early 19th century made by the finest English craftspeople of the time.

The Indonesian’s have the last of the finest hard mahogany, but It’s not just the wood that makes antique furniture popular, it’s how it was put together that has allowed it to pass the true test of time. Allowing us to marvel at the skills we once had as a nation of skilled workers. You cant copy everything, some things require time to have a history that can be viewed and appreciated. (Patina).

The making of fine furniture requires two essential things. Best quality materials and passionate crafting. Both lacking in near all things made today. Fortunately not all our fine furniture has disappeared, we still have some of the finest original William 1V furniture of the period although hard to come by now.

Countryhomesantiques.co.uk stock a few of these fine extremely rare period pieces, quality never to be seen again. Certainly not at the present day all-time low prices. America’s economy is rising for the first time in many year’s. As it does so will the value of our rare furniture again. Regency and William 1V. Tip from an expert!

Our period furniture includes fine bookcases, chests, tables, chairs, sideboard’s.

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