H Mower & Stephenson Georgian Furniture (What is antique furniture really worth to us) ? 

H Mower & Stephenson, Antique furniture Scotland
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H Mower & Stephenson, Georgian mahogany brass gallery sideboard. Cabinetmakers stamp. A fine piece of quality Georgian furniture with pedigree. Made in the third quarter of the18th century. Very nice condition throughout, Upper full brass open gallery with finials, original handles and fittings. Concaved central drawer. Top with plate trench and a reeded edge. Raised on six spiralling tapered and turned legs. Rare item.

Full condition report.

There has been a fine cabinetmakers repair to one left side front leg, Very well done and a very old repair most likely done in the 18th century, when this sideboard was still in the hands of wealthy Londoners. The repair may well have been done by the cabinet makers who made this fine sideboard as it could not have been repaired better. For me the quality of this sideboard is unsurpassed. Made from the finest quality Spanish mahogany of the time. This timber is the timber that started the mahogany revolution. Tight grained, nice to plane over, very dense, at the same time excellent carving characteristics, with stunning looks. Finished with polish to embellish the grains.

Georgian Furniture ( What is antique furniture really worth to us )? 

How on Earth have we lost our appreciation for such fine things as this? This fine timber has now GONE, never to return. All we have to remind us of what we have taken from this Earth are items like this. Still better by far than anything made today, Still serving us through the many generations since, and in all that time, adding no carbon footprint to our struggling Planet, for around the last 250 years. This is what I call Saving the Planet.

Fashion Folly

How can it be that items like this have dropped so in value these last recent years, yet Ikea non-biodegradable furnishings flourish !!!. (Fashion Folly). The truth is this Georgian sideboard will only become ever rarer as it continues to serve us through time. The time of real appreciation will return again, now with a further added reason. It’s all we have to remind us of who we once were as 18th-century humans. Perfectionists with pride in our workmanship, lovers of beautiful things made of high quality by human hand. Our greatest designers, Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, Robert Adam, all inspired by the quality, colour and strength of this fine wood from, Honduras, Santo Domingo and other South American countries.  Commonly referred to as Spanish Mahogany.

The tree that made this piece of fine furniture was itself probably 200 years old, 250 years ago. Nearly 500 years later that mahogany seed that became a tree which became a sideboard, may well last 1000 years of daily use by humans. Looked after, this sideboard as with all Georgian furniture will still be exactly like it is now in another 250years time and longer. So what is our Georgian furniture really worth to us then? 500 years of use maybe 600-700+years, nobody knows as we only found this mahogany 270 years ago. All that has changed is this mahogany now carries a most charming rich warm patina, nothing new can emulate.

Ask yourself this,

Georgian furniture that has been looked after, will last many more generations to come. Maybe in 1000 years time, we will still be selling Georgian mahogany furniture in prestigious showrooms. We will always need furniture and art. Georgian furniture gives us both.

Items like this have never been cheaper than now. I have been in this business for 40 years, this present situation won’t last.

just supposing this quality of timber was still available now, not cheap right !. How much do you think this quality of a sideboard would cost to have made now by the same quality of craftsman who made this by hand, £*****. Yet this with 200+ years of patina added that cant be induced into anything new. So, worth more than one of the same quality made today then.  Now when you add the rare element to this, the imagined figure just grows as you look deeper into the math of the comparability between this as new or as is now 270 years old.

Forget made of the finest timber this World has ever known. (Now gone),

Forget made by the hand of a very fine London craftsmen of the period when we strove for perfection within our creations and furniture making,

Forget its near uniqueness, and endearing 270 yrs patina,

Forget functionality and charm.

Its true value evermore important to humanity. Its free to our environment for probably1000 years of human use,

its journey is still in its youth. We can only cherish and pass it on to our next generations who will surely be glad to have it and the food for thought it will continue to give too many more generations to come.

Buying and selling antique furniture for 40 years. Trust in quality.